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About Us

The adult day care industry is designed to prevent premature institutionalization, re-hospitalization of the disabled client, and avoid physical and emotional strain on the caregiver.  It provides social stimulation, personal care, and nutritional meals.  It is an invaluable service to families wanting their loved ones to remain in the home by maintaining or increasing independence. There are only TWO qualifications to join an Adult Day Care:

1. The client must be able to sit up the amount of hours they are with us;

2. The client must be able to self administer medications.

Both Millennium locations are a unique facilites in that it is innovative with activities, we keep the clients active in the community, it accepts adults of any age with functional disabilities, and it provides daily hot meals designed specifically around the client’s prescribed diet.  We are truly client focused!  However, we do not stop there.  We strongly encourage family members to participate in the client’s activities by either signing up as volunteers, or suggesting safe activities for all the residents. We are uncompromisingly tolerant of all religious or cultural beliefs and practices, and we encourage these participants to gingerly share their customs with other willing participants and staff.


Millennium is THE solution to your supervisory or socialization dilemma for you or your loved one.  We will take excellent, holistic care of our clients and family.  We encourage you to come in for a tour at any time during normal business hours, or arrange for a private consultation to discuss the specific needs of the potential client.  Thank you for your interest!

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